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August 9, 2009

American Hydrotech Associates Accredited as Green Roof Professionals

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) Launches Inaugural Testing and Accreditation Programat 7th Annual International Greening Rooftops for Sustaining Communities Conference

CHICAGO (August 9, 2009) – American Hydrotech, a recognized leader in the development and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products, today announced that three of the company’s associates have been accredited as Green Roof Professionals (GRP) by Green Roofs for Health Cities (GRHC), the North American Green Roof Industry Association. Nathan Griswold, Charles Loughrey and Trey Whitley all completed the necessary requirements and inaugural exam on June 5, 2009, during the 7th Annual International Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities Conference, hosted by GHRC in Atlanta, Ga.

The GRP accreditation exam covers key areas of knowledge, encompassing five areas of concentration... Continue Reading

May 18, 2009

American Hydrotech Announces Waterproofing and Roofing Resource for Architects, Designers and Contractors

Industry leader in waterproofing, roofing and green-roof assemblies provides sustainable roof design resource handbook to industry professionals

CHICAGO (May 18, 2009) – American Hydrotech, a recognized leader in the development and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products, today announced the availability of a newly designed and updated roofing and waterproofing resource handbook for the architect and design community. From sustainable design techniques and waterproof product specification to proper installation techniques, the 2009 American Hydrotech Architectural Binder provides today’s building professional with resources and information needed for designing and waterproofing roof decks, plazas, vertical foundations, reflecting pools and green roof applications.

Each binder includes recommendations, guidelines and product spec sheets for various... Continue Reading

May 1, 2009 Published by: Architectural Roofing & Waterproofing - 2009 Vol. 5

Inverted Membrane Roof Systems

In an inverted membrane system, the coventional membrane arrangement is invereted or turned upside down. Inverted roof membrance assembly (IRMA) systems are used in applications where the membrane requires protection from site-specific hazards. These systems are typically applied in conditions where there is extensive roof traffic or to protect from excessive weather conditions such as multiple hail events. IRMA roofs protect the membrane from ultraviolet degradation and constant temperature changes. Continue Reading

November 1, 2008 Published by: Design Cost Data - Nov/Dec 2008

St. Louis Zoo - Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center

With its high profile green roof and other sustainable design features, St. Louis Zoo’s new Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center serves as one of the first non-animal exhibits in the zoo’s history.

The St. Louis Zoo has made its new animal nutrition center, typically a back-of-house facility at most zoos, a major component of its public exhibit. In addition, the zoo’s new Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center (OANC) educates and informs visitors not only of the importance of plant material and nutrition for animals and animal conservation, but also serves as a high profile showcase for sustainable design. Continue Reading

October 1, 2008 Published by: Architectural Products Magazine

The Green Roof Need to Know List

A green roof is a high-performance environmental statement. Not only do they provide building owners and occupants with several ecological, technical, and economic benefits, but thanks to technological advances, today's green roofs present opportunities for the design professional to transform virtually any flat or sloped roof into a landscaped environment. Continue Reading

September 1, 2008 Published by: Roofing Contractor - September 2008

Six Essential Elements to a Green Roof’s Success.

The long-term success of a green roof revolves around two main objectives: water tightness and vegetation. A quality seamless waterproofing membrane should be the foundation of every green roof. This article addresses the six essential elements that are critical to the success of an extensive green roof ’s vegetation: Continue Reading

July 1, 2008 Published by: Architectural Products Magazine Article - July/August 2008

Achieving LEED: Macallen Building Condominiums

Achieving LEED: Macallen Building Condominiums

A great deal of hype surrounds the term green. To provide a little insight into what's actually going into LEED-certified projects, Architectural Products presents "Achieving LEED," a snap shot of the key products and materials behind the LEED points. Continue Reading

July 1, 2008 Published by: The Applicator - Summer 2008

U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters Green Roofs

Green roofs atop the new U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters Building provide natural insulation, minimize rainwater runoff and improve outside air quality. They also offer a sensational view for upper floor occupants and provide for a pleasant walk between the two wings of this sprawling complex.

The new U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters at Suitland Federal Center, Suitland, Md., is a state-of-the-art facility, designed and built to provide a world-class workplace for 6,000 of “America’s Fact Finders.” The complex is one of the most impressive buildings in the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) portfolio, with sweeping curves and glass cladding with vertical wooden louvers. And it is not short on green space, either. Continue Reading

April 1, 2008 Published by: Environment of Care News - April 2008

Nature’s Power Aids Recovery at Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital

Joint Commission Standard EC.8.10 requires hospitals to establish and maintain an appropriate environment. And what could be more appropriate to the needs of recovering patients, their families and friends, and hospital staff members than a healing garden? Most especially, this healing garden.

Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital is a 120-bed facility on the near west side of Chicago, offering physical medicine and rehabilitation. An addition to the hospital was built in 1998, and now, atop its fourth-floor roof, there is a 10,000- square-foot healing garden featuring 6,000 square feet of planting beds. Construction on the garden began in spring 2003 and was completed that fall. Continue Reading

November 1, 2007 Published by: Design Cost Data - Nov/Dec 2007

Green Roofs Offer Environmental, Economic and Aesthetic Benefits

It’s a new world when it comes to commercial architecture and construction. No longer is the

focus only on expert craftsmanship, innovative design and attention to detail. Rather, all eyes are examining the process itself, the materials used, and most of all, the impact of construction on the environment. And there has been a quite a crowd jumping on the green bandwagon. Continue Reading

October 1, 2007 Published by: Architectural Products Magazine - October 2007

ASLA Demonstration Roof

Demonstration Roof The American Society of Landscape Architects decided its own roof would make an excellent demonstration model.

Challenge: The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) wanted a high profile location to demonstrate how landscape architects can play a central role in green roof design and construction. The organization decided to look no further than atop its own Washington, D.C., headquarters building—a black tar surfaced roof on the 11-year-old brick building.

Criteria: ASLA felt strongly that landscape architects have quite a lot to contribute to the green roof industry and wanted to use this project to serve as a showcase for those talents and contributions. The group also wanted to create an education tool for both landscape architects and the community in general. “There’s a potential to do a lot with a green roof project in Washington... Continue Reading

November 1, 2006 Published by: Design Cost Data - Nov/Dec 2006

DCD - Seattle

Lushly planted green roofs that change color with the season are the centerpieces of two new buildings in downtown Seattle. The roofs provide not only a distinctive design feature for the buildings but also important environmental and economic benefits for the city of Seattle.

The Justice Center’s 8,500 square-foot garden roof was completed in 2002. From the very beginning, sustainability was a top design criterion, says Knut Hansen, senior associate for project architect NBBJ Design. The design features an intricate planting design guided by an image of sunlight reflected in a shallow streambed. But not only is the design visually appealing, the plants on the roof retain moisture and reduces the amount of stormwater entering the city’s storm sewer system. Continue Reading

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